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Miley as Pocahontas

31 Oct

Miley dressed up as a sexy Pocahontas this Halloween.What do you think about her costume?

Happy Holly-ween!

31 Oct

Enjoy this “Pumpkin Dance,” video.

Have a happy and safe Halloween this year, from your friends here at Teen Hollywood Network.

"Boo" = FAILURE!

30 Oct

Picture 2

Tonight was suppose to be the premiere of the anticipated video “Boo” made by some of teen’s favorite stars. Unfortunately the premiere for the video will just have to wait until Monday. Fans around the world waited all night just to find out that it will no be out until Monday as tweeted by David Henrie. He tweeted “guys have bad news about #BOO… we are going to have to hold off on the video until monday. sorry to every1 who had their hopes up for 8pm”. Very disappointing that they get their fans hopes up just to get them down again. I wonder what the technical problems were? He couldn’t get to a computer on time? He was “tired?” What ever the reason may be, why wait until monday night? Why not Saturday morning or night or even Sunday? I believe there is more to this that what he tweeted. What do YOU think?

Taylor Swift Scared By Ellen

30 Oct

Ellen DeGeneres pranked yet another star on her show. This time it was country singer Taylor Swift.

Britney Spears '3' Video Premiere

30 Oct

Britney Spears premieres her new music video ‘3’ today. Need we say more? We like it, how about you?

Watch the FULL official video here: Click Here

Taylor Swift – Photo Scandal!

30 Oct

Taylor Scandal

Taylor Swift is in the middle of a photo scandal after a photo of her and a guy was leaked on the internet. In the photo you can see the swastika symbol painted on the young man’s shirt. Taylor’s rep stated, “Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night…she doesn’t know who this guy is and she didn’t realize what was on his shirt.”

Selena Gomez – Naturally

29 Oct

Selena announced today that her new single will be “Naturally” from her debut album Kiss and Tell.