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Justin Bieber At Citadel Outlets

14 Dec

Justin Bieber performed tonight at the Citadel Outlets in Commerce, California. He came out and performed after security and personnel spent over a half hour trying to calm the fans down and reduce pushing towards the stage. The concert was even threatened to be shut down. Enjoy this clip. We will be uploading our videos of his performance and others in a short while.

JakeT.Austin&ChristianFortune: Tales of Sebastian

7 Dec

Jake T. Austin, Christian Fortune recorded their new upcoming episode of their web series, Tales of Sebastian over the weekend. The episode is directed by Alfredo Flores, who recently worked on Boo. The episode will feature Jasmine Villegas, and Shorty. It will premiere in early 2010. So stay tuned! If you’re not familiar with the webseries catch up on the episodes here: