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Zoe Myers’ Video Premiere Party

14 Nov

On Thursday, November 12, 2009 Zoe Myers held a video premiere party at Level 3 nightclub  in Hollywood, CA for the release of her new video Love Me Or Hate Me.  Some of the Celebrity attendees included: David Henrie, Chelsea Staub, Savvy & Mandy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fivel Stewart,  Samantha Droke, Daniel Samonas, Jazmin Whitley, Lauren Elaine, Raja Fanske, Madisen Beatty, Michelle DeFraites, Austin Anderson, Tyler Shamy, Sam Stone, Jazzlyn Liggins, School Boy Humor, Mark Hapka, Allen Evangelista, Brooke Scher, Francia Raisa, Tadhg Kelly, Chris Fedun, Amber Lily, Stephen Lunsford, Brando Eaton& more!

Check out Love Me Or Hate Me here:

"Boo" Video Premiere

2 Nov

“Boo” a video made by some of your favorite stars premiered tonight at 8:00p.m. (PST). The stars of the movie have been hinting about it all month long on their Twitter accounts and now here is your first hand look at the video, Enjoy and give us your feedback on it.

"Boo" = FAILURE!

30 Oct

Picture 2

Tonight was suppose to be the premiere of the anticipated video “Boo” made by some of teen’s favorite stars. Unfortunately the premiere for the video will just have to wait until Monday. Fans around the world waited all night just to find out that it will no be out until Monday as tweeted by David Henrie. He tweeted “guys have bad news about #BOO… we are going to have to hold off on the video until monday. sorry to every1 who had their hopes up for 8pm”. Very disappointing that they get their fans hopes up just to get them down again. I wonder what the technical problems were? He couldn’t get to a computer on time? He was “tired?” What ever the reason may be, why wait until monday night? Why not Saturday morning or night or even Sunday? I believe there is more to this that what he tweeted. What do YOU think?