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Selena Gomez Live on Ellen

11 Dec

The Disney Channel sensation Selena Gomez stopped by the show to chat with Ellen. They talked about Selena’s rescue dogs and her love of scary movies. Of course, Ellen would never miss an opportunity to scare someone, so watch now to see what she had in store for Selena.


Lady Gaga on Ellen

27 Nov

Lady Gaga took her unique style and incredible voice to the Ellen DeGeneres show. Gaga performed two of her hit songs from her new CD, “The Fame Monster.” Watch the performances here:


Justin Bieber on Ellen PLUS new song!

2 Nov

Justin Bieber attended his apperance on the Ellen DeGeneres show early today. He went on although he has been fighting the FLU in these past days. Justin has twittered “ELLEN tomorrow…airs on tuesday Nov 3rd when FAVORITE GIRL comes out on ITUNES!! Im excited but still sick so a little nervous. ELLEN..wow” last night. Justin will appear in tomorrow’s show. Make sure to see it!

Justin’s new song “Favorite Girl” will also be release tomorrow. There has been a lot of talk of his newest song on Twitter and many fans have been waiting for this song after his newest release “Love Me” debuted on the top 20 on the iTunes chart. We know Justin will not disappoint with his newest song!

Taylor Swift Scared By Ellen

30 Oct

Ellen DeGeneres pranked yet another star on her show. This time it was country singer Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift on Ellen

29 Oct

Taylor will be on today’s show of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and will be talking to Ellen from her Fearless Platinum Edition, Stevie Wonder, and her new movie “Valentine’s Day.” She will even be talking about her rumored relationship with Taylor Lautner. ┬áThis is gonna be on heck of a show! We know we wouldn’t miss watching it!