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Justin Bieber Takes Over Citadel!

17 Dec

Teen star Justin Bieber had a free performance concert at the Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles, California. Watch as he sings, serenades, and cares about his fans.


Justin Bieber: Favorite Girl

2 Nov

Justin’s newest song “Favorite Girl” was released at midnight according to your time zone. Luckily thanks to mybieberboy we were the FIRST to give you the chance in letting you listen to it before midnight! We love the song! What about you? Tell us what you think about the song!

Justin Bieber on Ellen PLUS new song!

2 Nov

Justin Bieber attended his apperance on the Ellen DeGeneres show early today. He went on although he has been fighting the FLU in these past days. Justin has twittered “ELLEN tomorrow…airs on tuesday Nov 3rd when FAVORITE GIRL comes out on ITUNES!! Im excited but still sick so a little nervous. ELLEN..wow” last night. Justin will appear in tomorrow’s show. Make sure to see it!

Justin’s new song “Favorite Girl” will also be release tomorrow. There has been a lot of talk of his newest song on Twitter and many fans have been waiting for this song after his newest release “Love Me” debuted on the top 20 on the iTunes chart. We know Justin will not disappoint with his newest song!