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Lady Gaga Peforms on Oprah

15 Jan

Lady Gaga- Heart Problems

14 Jan

A Vintage Lady Gaga

6 Jan

Before the world knew her as Lady Gaga, Stephanie Germanotta showed why she was one day gonna be a global phenomenal. Lady Gaga performed two of her original songs, “Captivated” and “Electric Kiss.” She truly left us speechless after watching this great video. Enjoy.

Beyonce and Lady Gaga Behind the Scenes

9 Dec

Watch as Beyonce takes us behind the scenes and making of her newest music video “Video Phone” featuring none other than Lady Gaga. Watch as they bond and have a great time. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga 1 of 10 Fascinating People

9 Dec

Lady Gaga is one of the ten ABC’s Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009. Watch her interview with Barbara below. We truly believe she deserves to be on the top 10.

Miley Cyrus – Bad Romance Dance

9 Dec

Miley does the dance from Lady Gaga’s newest music video and single “Bad Romance.” Miley is such a talented girl, don’t you agree

Lady Gaga on Jay Leno

24 Nov

Lady Gaga performs “Bad Romance” on the Jay Leno show on Wednesday, November 23, 2009. She has truly proven her self on why she is one of the best singers of the moment. Gaga’s sophomore album “The Fame Monster,” is in stores now. Make sure to get your copy!

Lady Gaga Signs CD’s

24 Nov

Lady Gaga had a CD signing last night at a Best Buy in Los Angeles, California. The pop star was scheduled to sign only 400 copies of her sophomore album “The Fame Monster,” but upon arriving at Best Buy she announced that she would sign everyone’s copy of her album. Gaga signed over 5,000 copies of her album and left about 2 hours after she was schedules to leave. Gaga says she loves her “little monsters” (fans) so much that she even purchased $1,000 worth of pizza at a local Papa John’s.

Adam Lambert ‘For Your Entertainment’

23 Nov

Adam Lambert had his debut performance earlier this evening at the AMA’s with his first single, “For Your Entertainment.” The performance featured many surprises from kisses to even Lambert falling on stage. Although the performance featured a Lambert and a male kiss, the kiss was censored in the West Coast.

Lady Gaga Leave Us ‘Speechless’

23 Nov

Lady Gaga did not disappoint this evening with her awesome performance of “Bad Romance” and “Speechless” ¬†at this year’s AMA’s. Both songs can be heard in her album “The Fame Monster,” in stores tomorrow. Are any of you buying her album? We know we are.