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Justin on Wizards? Justin Talks Demi & Selena!

5 Jan

Justin Bieber Takes Over Citadel!

17 Dec

Teen star Justin Bieber had a free performance concert at the Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles, California. Watch as he sings, serenades, and cares about his fans.

AllStar Weekend ROCK Citadel Outlets!

17 Dec

AllStar Weekend was just one of the few artist who had a chance to rock at the Citadel Outlets on Monday Dec 14. They performed many of their songs from their EP, they even got into the holiday spirit, by singing a Christmas song! Hope you guys enjoy the videos!

Allstar Weekend Interview!

15 Dec

Tween Hollywood got the chance to spend some time with the guys from Allstar Weekend at the Citadel Outlets. We took advantage of the time and asked them a couple questions. Watch as they talk about their experience in working with Selena Gomez to what’s on their Christmas wish list!

Sorry about the bad audio, we were having technical difficulties.

Keep an eye out tomorrow to watch their performance from the Citadel Outlets!

Jasmine Sagginario Rocks Citadel!

15 Dec

Jasmine Sagginario the winner of Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing (NBT)” opened the show last night at the Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles, Ca. The event, hosted by Radio Disney, included performances by Jasmine, All Star Weekend, and Justin Bieber. Tween Hollywood was lucky enough to be invited to the event and got an interview from Jasmine PLUS exclusive videos of her awesome performances! (Below)

Sorry about the bad sound in the interview. We were having audio trouble with the mic.

Justin Bieber At Citadel Outlets

14 Dec

Justin Bieber performed tonight at the Citadel Outlets in Commerce, California. He came out and performed after security and personnel spent over a half hour trying to calm the fans down and reduce pushing towards the stage. The concert was even threatened to be shut down. Enjoy this clip. We will be uploading our videos of his performance and others in a short while.

Jasmin Wins Radio Disney’s NBT

12 Dec

Radio Disney did it again! They went through a nationwide search for music’s “Next Big Thing” and have found her. After months of  waiting and voting it was announced that the Nashville native Jasmine Sagginario won this year’s N.B.T. Jasmine recieved a phone call from Radio Disney’s DJ Ernie D on-air to give her the news and she reacted, “I’m shaking and crying and screaming at the same time…I feel so blessed and honored.” She freaked out more when she found out that she will be opening for teen pop star Justin Bieber. We knew Jasmine had it in her and we wish her the best of luck and success! You can view her music video “Make a Movie” below. Congrats Jasmine!

Falling Down #1 on Top 30

2 Nov

DJ Jake from Radio Disney called the 17-year-old starlet right up and had to tell her that her first ever single “Falling Down” is number one in Radio Disney’s Top 30 countdown.

Selena’s reaction was priceless: “What? Are you kidding me? OMG, I’m number one! This is so crazy! Thank you! I’ve never had a number one. I listen to Top 30 Countdown all the time. Thank you!”

We love you Selena and congrats!