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Tween Hollywood AD Next To Justin Bieber’s!

11 Jan

Tween Hollywood has recently bought AD space in 5 major cities across America! Keep an eye out there can be an AD in your city!

Our Los Angeles AD is neightbor to Justin Bieber’s Peta campaign AD!


Best Twitter Apps

30 Nov

Many of you have been asking for our reviews on Apps for Twitter. We have reviewed many Apps and have come with our own conclusion for the best and worst Apps for Twitter. Stay tune as we review more products you have sent us to review. We are in the process of making a new page which will be called “Reviews.” As we review  Apps for our social networks, iPod and iPhone skins, to best cell phone. Keep requesting what you want us to review and we will as soon as we can!


• Best Overall: Tweetie
• Best Paid: Tweetie
• Best Free: Twitterfon
• Most Powerful: Twittelator Pro
• Worst Twitter App Ever in the History of Twitter Ever: UberTwitter/Tweetion

Hey From “Tween Hollywood”!

7 Nov

Hey Guys! If you are not aware yet we have changed our name from “Teen Hollywood Network” to “Tween Hollywood.” We hope this does not confuse anyone! We are still the same people running the blog. Our URL says “Tween Hollywood Network” but within a week it should be “Tween Hollywood.” If you guys have ay questions or comments make sure to contact us at: tweenhollywood@yahoo.com