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Demi Lovato Confirms Jemi

13 Mar


13 Mar

Demi Lovato Birthday Bash

21 Nov

Demi recently uploaded a video from her birthday celebration that took place in the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. Enjoy.

Demi Lovato RARE Picture

16 Nov

You saw it here FIRST! A RARE picture of teen star sensation Demi Lovato. What do you think?


Photo Credit: Brooke Scher

Demi and Joe Twosome?!

24 Oct

Joe Jonas was spotted leavingĀ Demi Lovato‘s home in Toluca Lake after spending the night, or so told by the paparazzi who allegedly spotted them. A limo came to pick up Joe around 2 PM. Demi came out with her father after Joe left and drove herself to the Center Staging studio in Burbank. I wonder if Brenda Song knows about this? Lol